About Wisata Singapura

Our blog now has more than 1000 unique visitors every day with more than 7000 page views. We deliver a good information about Singapore Tourism. This blog was build and targeted for Indonesian people as we know there were great numbers of Indonesian tourists has visited Singapore for the last few year and has become number 1 visitors in term of numbers among other visitors from other countries.

Hence, we build a blog that provide a tons of information about Singapore. Reviews about interesting place to go, “makan” place, shopping center, and others information has been delivered to our readers and they like it. Things that make our blog is distinct from other blog is the our unique content, almost every place that we wrote in our articles will be equip with map and navigation “how to get there”.

For months we worked hard and added more information in our blog. Now, our visitors not only able to find information about tour & travel but they also may find information about Health Services, Study in Singapore, Work in Singapore and doing Business in Singapore. With this, we have reached more and more visitors in our blog and we believe right now our blog is the best Singapore Tour & Travel Blog for Indonesia language category.